Detroit's favorite car wash is also the safest wash for your vehicle

At Greenway Auto Wash we know your vehicle is your pride and joy! That’s why GreenWay is a state-of-the-art auto wash. GreenWay’s soft foam washing material is the safest for your vehicle’s finish. Plus, GreenWay offers to two different conveyor systems to match your vehicles wash needs.

Our Utica & Chesterfield locations’ flat belt conveyor system has no side rails which feature extra protection for wheels and tires.*

Our Fenton location features an over/under conveyor system which allows us to provide a manual high pressure pre-wash prep by our staff to better clean dirt and grime from dirt roads, gravel roads or off-roading.**

These are just a few things to consider before trusting another auto wash with your vehicle!

Now open in three convenient locations in Utica, Chesterfield, and Fenton!


8230 Hall Rd.
Utica, MI

*Featuring our belt conveyor system with manual pre-wash solvent application


45115 Marketplace Blvd.
Chesterfield, MI

*Featuring our belt conveyor system with manual pre-wash solvent application


3900 Owen Rd.
Fenton, MI

**Featuring our over/under conveyor system with manual pre-wash prep

Now Open!

Safe for your car.
Safer for the environment, too!

GreenWay uses only eco-friendly premium soaps and waxes to provide your vehicle with the highest levels of shine and protection in the industry. Plus, our Bio Complete Water Restoration System removes the soaps, waxes, and dirt from the used water so it can be used again. GreenWay doesn’t just recycle the used water. we restore it back to the quality of tap water. Since opening in 2020, this system has helped us SAVE OVER 6 MILLION GALLONS of fresh water and counting!

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Seriously, you and your car should follow us

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