• We will continually seek opportunities to improve our Environmental Management System in order to meet and exceed our environmental goals and objectives.
  • We will seek to prevent pollution and reduce wastes of all types through training, operational excellence and capital investment.
  • We will not only comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations but strive to exceed those minimum requirements.
  • We will encourage through our company culture that all our employees are environmental stewards both at work and in their daily lives.
  • We recognize and accept that we are leaders for environmental stewardship in every community where we operate and will make deliberate attempts to invite those communities to join us in our efforts.


Here at GreenWay, we provide not only the best wash for your vehicle, but also the best wash for the environment. From utilizing our water reclamation system to harvesting storm water for site irrigation, being environmental stewards is at the forefront of everything we do.


Our Bio Complete Water Restoration System is a biological process that uses naturally occurring microbes to remove car wash soaps out of used water, resulting in clean water that can be reused.

The Process:

Solids Separation – Once the used water is collected, any solid matter settles in the bottom of a series of tanks. These solids can then be collected and removed.


Aeration – The used water enters the aeration tank where oxygen is infused into it. This infusion causes the naturally occurring microbes to switch from their anaerobic to aerobic state. In their aerobic state, these microbes give off odorless carbon monoxide (CO2) gas.


Cyclonic Separation – The used water is then pumped into a series of cyclones that separate out any remaining solids larger than 5 micron (approximately the size of one human blood cell).


Biological Consumption – Once cyclonic separation is complete, the used water enter the bio tank where the naturally occurring microbes consume the car wash soaps.


Clarification – Now that the soaps are removed, the water enter the clarifier tank. At this point, dead microbes settle to the bottom of the tank where they are pumped out daily.


Clean Water Repressurization – The clean water then overflows into the clean water tank where it is stored until used. On demand, the water is repressurized and sent back to the wash for use.

To put it simply, we are able to reuse 100% of the used water collected in our Bio Complete System, allowing us to use 80% less fresh water than typical car washes built in the area. In addition to this, we use soaps and waxes that are noncorrosive, nontoxic, and biodegradable.

And don’t just listen to us, the proof is in the numbers!

Bath at home – 30 Gallons

One load of laundry – 35 Gallons

Other car washes – 120 Gallons

A wash with GreenWay – Priceless. We’re just kidding, it’s 14 gallons and far less than other car washes in the area.

And it doesn’t just end there, it’s how we operate, too! We use LED lighting throughout our wash, and variable speed motors that run less when not needed. We even water our landscaping with rainwater we collect on our roof. How cool is that?


We’re proud to partner with the Clinton River Watershed Council (CRWC). The CRWC provides important programs to individuals, organizations, and businesses that make a difference for both our community today and future generations. Their work ensures a healthy Clinton River for us all through education, stewardship, and watershed management. A portion of each wash goes to support the CRWC.

Interested in partnering with us? Contact us here.

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